Scrum Pro-longer in tune.

I think the Braidy Tester’s poetic style has started to rub off on me.

So I’ve penned [read “typed”] my own thoughts on long scrums

to the tune of “Playa Hata” by Notorious BIG.

Please note this in no way has anything to do with the current scrums I attend 🙂

Good evening And for my last hitI’d like to take you back to the classica-hem, AGILE style of course Uhh

Scrum Masterrrrr, turn your head round

This topic’s been beat to the ground

Let’s move on…..

Wake up….

Open the door

No one else needs to talk anymore…

Let’s go back to our work now……

You know we need to do our work.

And you….and you….should let us go back to that.

Let’s go off individually….on a working spree…

We’ll produce results for you and me…..

Scrum Masterrrrr, turn your head round

This topic’s been beat to the ground

Let’s move on…..

Wake up….

Open the door

No one else needs to talk anymore…

Let’s go back to our work now……

You see, there are two kind of scrum masters in the world today

We have, the Scrum Masta’, and we have, the Scrum Pro-longer

Please don’t hate me because I enjoy a short scrum bay-bay.



Problem:  Staf doesn’t start unless someone logs into the computer or STAFProc window is closed accidentally.

Ok at least that’s what they say 😉


(Machine names have been “blurred” to protect the innocent)

Well don’t fret there’s a very easy solution to get STAF to start up; and get rid of that pesky window.

You can read the details found here

If you don’t feel like editing registries, and searching how to create a service try the following solution.

  Add Staf Proc as a scheduled windows task.

Start -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks -> Add Scheduled Task

Then select your Staf version


Set the task to run “when the computer starts”


Click Next. ( Yes password remains blank – D’oh make sure you have Admin rights when doing this..)

Now the last step is to delete that pesky Start up process..



And that’s it.  Now when you restart your computer go ahead and give STAF < target machine > ping ping   a try.

Oh my ‘goosh.org’

Rev2.org had a write up recently on goosh.org


Goosh is a pseudo command line shell for retreiving search results from google.

I suggest you stop what you’re doing now.

Open up a browser and goto goosh.org

Next type ‘h’


Have fun.  My searches will never be the same….


When starting RPT (Rational Performance Tester) and receiving a

“JVM terminated exit code = 1”


Don’t panic as this tech note explains its most likely a question of clearing your cache.

    1. Start -> Run->cmd
    2. Go to to the directory containing the java.exe that the product is configured to use, if you’re unsure where this is try re-opening RPT and look at the error that specifies the java location.
    3. Type the following command:
      javaw.exe -Xshareclasses:destroy

Next just re-open RPT and you should be good.

Firefox memory leaks?

Yesterday I had to upgrade to Firefox  Since the upgrade I’ve had numerous issues with my Fire Fox which I’m assuming are related to memory leaks.  My CPU can sit at 100% for minutes at a time…




It’s time like these when I realize how much dependence I have on good software.

From Firefox I listen to music inner browser, manage Lotus Activities, surf, work, and cook dinner….I’m wondering has anyone else had these problems?



Apparently I’m not the only suffering from performance head aches today…



Mobile Ajax Performance


A big hat tip to Ryan Green for positing  on “Performance of Ajax Applications on Mobile Devices,” by Mikko Pervlla.  Just as Ryan describes this thesis is definitely worth reading.  Its detailed, and interesting and covers a basic overview of AJAX’s short history to current Libraries, Toolkits, and Frameworks.

While the main focus of this thesis is on Ajax &  Mobile Devices, its a great read for those interested in getting familiar with what some of the technologies are that encompass the ever growing title of “AJAX”.