I was searching for a firefox plugin to view tif files when I came across this link

It’s funny to read the responses to the review on SnagIT by those unfamiliar with it.  SnagIT is the type of software that once you
use it – your hooked.  It’s well made, multi-functional, and if you work in QA quite near impossible
to go without.  Yes..yes, I know, they have several other screen capturing tools out there.  But SnagIT combines functionality and
flexibility with ease of use.  The editor alone is so useful that often times I would open up a picture that wasn’t even
“snagged” but needed modifications or to combine pictures for presentation, document, or most commonly defect submission.

A while back I saw that Mercury had released a screen capture/movie recorder that would allow you to upload directly to Quality Center
in one go – similar to Fogbugz – screen capture.  Even though the idea of a “one stop shop” to click – upload and label the defect in one motion is a nice idea, I always preferred loading up SnagIT.


Well simply because you mark up the image, highlights and shadow certain areas, and add fancy [read: feeency] useful text.

So what’s my affiliation with SnagIT?  – None, even worse my current employer doesn’t have a site license for SnagIT.

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Brain Fogs and Cube Hopp’n

In between tasks today I took my normal 5 minutes of “brain fog clearing”.

Brain fog clearing is my ad hoc-process by which I check the news, scan the blogs I like to read, or call my wife, for a few minutes while the fog inside my head clears allowing me to refocus on the task at hand. The problem with brain fog clearing is that if one is not careful, you can indeed let the A.D.D. train wisk you away into a random task that doesn’t need to be done that second.

Now some might prefer cube hopping. You know the types, floating from cubes to group of cubes discussing the random topics. Personally I don’t mind the cube hoppers, the only thing I do mind about the cube hoppers are the ‘selective hops’. These are the cube hoppers who stroll into a group of cubes aimlessly, desperate for conversation. They stand in the vision of the person working away tapping the top of the cube or maybe they give a slight gutteral cough and nice slurp on there coffee.

Cube Hopper: “So….what’s doing….”
Me: “…(look up from monitor).. not much ”

Cube Hopper: “…..(coffee slurp)…..(lip smack)….”
Me: (still staring at Cube Hopper)

Cube Hopper: “……..(coffee slurp…longer this time)…..yeah.. (throat clear)”
Me: (still staring)

Cube Hopper: “so…..seen Danny here today?”
Me: (glancing over at Danny’s desk……note to self – computer, and computer bag gone, chair tucked in, ‘while you were out’ messages pinned on Danny’s board)

Me: ” uh…nope haven’t seen him”
Cube Hopper: “…alright…”

Almost on queue from the corner of your eye you see that one slow hand motion. Like when you were a kid playing rock, paper, scissors. You remember that game right? Remember how it always seemed as if the other kid’s hand came down in a slow, hammer like motion. Here it was…the Cube Hopper, right hand stretched out, leaning across the top of the corner walls of my cube. His left hand holding a mug of half drinken, dark, black, stained mug of coffee, the right hand resting comfortably in the “paper” position. It’s at that moment following the “..alright” when the “paper” motion seems to slowly transform into a “rock” hand in the good old tradition of “1….2….3…paper, rock, scissors”.

You stare up at the Cube Hopper, and he back at you, you raise to grab a piece of your plastic cube wall in the hopes of supporting it against the on coming blow.

Then Cube Hopper’s eyes become small, focused..and takes his left hand and pounds the corner of the cube in a rythmic 1 – 2 bounce, followed by “hand gun and wink motion”.  Cube Hopper manages to shake every part of my desk, pinned notes, papers, diagrams, and pictures before doing the slow truffle shuffle for the door.

Three seconds later and its just me, the notebook, and zpro server under my desk competing for who can make the louder buzz.

It’s official. I’m way to old for Facebook. I received a an email message today saying “you’ve got new messages from person x, y, z, ” I thought to myself wow, facebook actually pushes multiple messages in one instead of sending an individual email for each message your receive. How cool is that?

After digging in my Facebook inbox, and checking notifications – I still could not find where these “so called” messages went. Finally I went back to my gmail message from facebook notifying me of all these “new messages”, and noticed it was sent by “Top Friends” another one of these widget applications that everyone loads on to there facebook pages magically transforming you from the orderly layout that was Facebook of yore’ to the Kentwood, Louisiania world of myspace trailerpark-ness.

Yes, I’m feeling e-snoby but for good reason. These facebook applications are annoying, if I’m not using them or better yet if there not installed on my facebook profile, then Facebook should not allow the widget to send message notification as if I was already subscribed to the service.

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Earlier today Foxnews.com reported that Microsoft had removed the MSN live Santa bot for “talking” dirty.

Read the story here.

Microsoft spokesman Adam Sohn
said the company’s engineers tried to clean up Santa’s vocabulary, but
even after making changes to the software, the company wasn’t
comfortable keeping him online.

“It’s not like if you say, ‘Hello Santa,’ he’s going to throw inappropriate stuff at you,” said Sohn.

Sohn said Santa’s lewd comment was sparked by someone “pushing this thing to make it do things it wasn’t supposed to do.”

Sounds like someone had some creative brute force test cases eh?  Happy Holidays.

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