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It’s official. I’m way to old for Facebook. I received a an email message today saying “you’ve got new messages from person x, y, z, ” I thought to myself wow, facebook actually pushes multiple messages in one instead of sending an individual email for each message your receive. How cool is that?

After digging in my Facebook inbox, and checking notifications – I still could not find where these “so called” messages went. Finally I went back to my gmail message from facebook notifying me of all these “new messages”, and noticed it was sent by “Top Friends” another one of these widget applications that everyone loads on to there facebook pages magically transforming you from the orderly layout that was Facebook of yore’ to the Kentwood, Louisiania world of myspace trailerpark-ness.

Yes, I’m feeling e-snoby but for good reason. These facebook applications are annoying, if I’m not using them or better yet if there not installed on my facebook profile, then Facebook should not allow the widget to send message notification as if I was already subscribed to the service.

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